Automatic Mouse Click

Ribbon Helper for Office 1.00

Ribbon Helper for Office 1.00: Mouse Moves Over to Expand Ribbon Tabs and Classic Menu Without Clicks click, just move mouse over tabs to bring the Ribbon Tabs to front. No click, just move mouse over menus to drop down the Classic Menus. Save your mouse click finger now! Do you have a feeling that your forefinger aches because you take too many clicks while using computer? Do you need any keyboard shortcuts to in place of clicks to relieve this pain? You`ll save endless clicks with your mouse when you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 with

Flash Image Gallery DW Extension 4.0.0: Flash Image Gallery, Adobe Dreamweaver extension, Flash component
Flash Image Gallery DW Extension 4.0.0

mouse clicks! Flash Image Gallery for Dreamweaver is a simple, effective, and efficient way to add a collection of pictures or photos to your site. You can use HTML tags to create unique description to each slide which you can see by a mouse click on info icon. Further, through user interface, you can add, remove or group your images according your categories. Fullscreen mode and background music will help you to build a catalogue of the products

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Pro-Key-Lock 1.1.5: Locks user-selected keyboard and mouse buttons and functions
Pro-Key-Lock 1.1.5

Pro-Key-Lock allows the user to lock specific keyboard and mouse buttons. You can use pro-key-lock to lock specific keys like the function keys, the caps-lock key, the windows (start) key or key combinations like Alt-Tab, etc. You can also lock specific mouse functions like the right click or the double click. The user can also define a rectangle on the screen and instruct Pro-Key-Lock to enable mouse clicks only inside/outside this rectangle.

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Internet Image Hunter 1.1: A web browser which can auto download all images in the current browsing page
Internet Image Hunter 1.1

Internet Image Hunter is a you see what you get Image downloader and browser. All images that you are viewing in the web page can be saved by one mouse click. In addition, all large images under the preview small images will be auto saved. You do not need to click each thumbnail image in order to save the large images. Image Hunter can save all large images behind the thumbnail images by just one mouse click.

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MouseEasy 1.2.2: MouseEasy can bring you more efficient, save you time.
MouseEasy 1.2.2

mouse to “roll” the wheel. Without the help of MouseEasy, you only have to make use of mouse wheel in the activated window. We often have to click the window so that we could turn the pages to browse the next window. Maybe you click the advertising or other connections by mistake in the website and change the cascading sequence of windows, when you click the additional mouse. The MouseEasy not only can use the mouse wheel directly browse the

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AMarker 1.20: Alternative ways to launch your favorite applications and protect your desktop
AMarker 1.20

This provides alternative ways to launch applications. Just draw colored transparent regions over the screen and assign a mouse-click action to the area. This creates the best and most up-to-date menu while protecting your computer from erroneous mouse clicks. It is also possible to trace and save to your log file all mouse activity and keyboard input. This program adds an artistic touch to your standard desktop.

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Attachment2File for Outlook 2.0.7: Attachment Manager for Microsoft Outlook
Attachment2File for Outlook 2.0.7

Working with a lot of Outlook attachments? Your PST/mailbox size is too big? This is where Attachment2File helps you - manage (save/restore) attachments to files with just one mouse click. Use Attachment2File to strip, extract Outlook attachments to files with one mouse click or on a schedule. Attachments are then deleted from Outlook and replaced with links to saved files for an easy access.

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